Restaurant Benefits

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New Tabletops – FREE

We provide the restaurant owner full customization of new interior and exterior tables at no charge.  We will keep the tabletops new by replacing them approximately every two years.
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The restaurant owner receives a tremendous amount of local publicity.  We start by collaborating with the restaurant owner before contacting local businesses to customize a marketing  campaign that will highlight the benefits of the restaurant.
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Community Integration

The businesses that purchase ads on your new tables will become one of your best boosters.  They will eat in your restaurant more often and bring their friends, relatives and business associates.  The restaurant brand will be strengthen by connecting the local community to the restaurant.
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Patron Entertainment

The restaurant business, as you know, comes all at once and no matter how fast the wait staff, they can’t get to everyone fast enough. With the tables, they’re busy reading the advertisements and not keeping an eye on their watch. We occupy their time.
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Good Will

The restaurant owner builds upon a most precious asset – good will. Most of the advertisers are independently owned, local businesses. By allowing them the best exposure that they will ever have, helping to strengthen them, the advertisers will be very appreciative toward the restaurant owner.
These five benefits are at absolutely
no cost to you, the restaurant owner.
With our program, you win!


  • “They are the most beautiful tables I’ve ever seen and they didn’t cost me any money!  It’s a really smart idea and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  It’s a great concept as I get beautiful new tables every two years and could not be any happier!  The ad spaces are coveted spots on the tables and we are thrilled with the success it has brought to local businesses that participated since 2013. Catherine is also the consummate professional and awesome at what she does!”
    Laura Benedict, Owner – Red Barn Restaurant, Augusta, Maine
  • “The tables were a great addition to our dining and deck areas here at The Porthole Restaurant & Pub in Portland Maine. Very sleek and clean looking. Our advertisers were eager and willing to participate as it was a great advertising tool at a very reasonable price! Catherine is professional, very competent, knowledgeable, personable and so easy to work with. They did all the work and we received all the benefits!”
    Beth Poitras, General Manager
  • “We are proud to be part of the tabletop project. The tables look amazing and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Great job.”
    New Dimensions Federal Credit Union
  • “We have advertised with Catherine for four consecutive years. It has been a great marketing tool for branding our company. We have had great feedback on our ads displayed on the tables, and have gained some new clients as a result.”
    United Insurance Agency
  • “…impressed with the ad and how much we have benefited from it. We are participating on our eigth consecutive tabletop project. Catherine gives us the kind of service we always give to our customers. A true joy to work with.”
    LP Appliance, Westbrook
  • “I’ve been an advertiser since 2010, it has allowed us to keep our brand and stores top of mind. I mean let’s face it, whether you are dining alone or with others, there is always a lull in the experience. So, why not attempt to engage customers with a business message that might translate into a future sale?”
    VP of Marketing, Aubuchon Hardware
  • “Catherine’s standards are high and her morals are sincere. You will always have the opportunity to make your tabletop ad as perfect as possible. I have no doubt you will be satisfied with her service to you!”
    Dr. Wayne J Yee, D.D.S., P.C. , Portland
  • “…consistency in advertising in a medium that is close to our location. We recently participated in our fifth consecutive project and look forward to future projects.”
    Logan Oil, Portland
  • “Thank you, they look great! We love The Red Barn!”
    Cayer Security Services
  • “We’ve been in business for 35 years and the biggest challenge is keeping up with the trends. The tables are state of the art and really dress up our dining room. Better yet, every two years we get beautiful new tables! Catherine is a professional at every level. She is very easy to communicate with and she takes care of everything from the start to finish, right to the installation of the new tables. One of the things I do notice is how our customers use the QR codes in the ads. We can tell you this this has been a win-win situation for everyone since 2012!”
    Chris & Gloria Rizeakos, Owners ~ The Golden Rooster Restaurant, Saco, Maine
  • “Catherine designs beautiful tables. We just got a new set of tabletops a few months ago and they did not disappoint! They not only give the dining room a fresh new look, but they’re also a great source of advertisement for several local businesses that support us often. It’s a great way to spruce things up every couple years, all while providing other businesses with a way to advertise. We are already looking forward to the next set of tabletops in a couple years! Many thanks to Catherine and her team.”
    Lauren Roy, Roy’s All Steak Hamburgers Auburn, ME
  • “Hotham Concrete is proud to be displayed on the tables at the Red Barn. We are so pleased with the ad and the tables are gorgeous! We really enjoyed our evening. Thank you Red Barn and Four Top Media.”
    Larry & Tristan Hotham & Olivia Moody

    QR codes are replacing menus

    Many customers were hesitant to touch reusable menus and fretted about the unnecessary waste generated by single-use menus.

    There’s no question that QR codes are here to stay. One survey found that 88% of restaurants are considering replacing physical menus with digital ones. “We all expect to use our phone for more aspects of the restaurant experience, whether looking at the menu or placing an order,” say’s Waze’s Mike Wilson. “New use cases will continue to explode.”

    QR Codes – Have come a long way & are better than ever!

    • QR code usage is on the rise

    • Interactive experience for customers

    • Direct customers to a special offer, promotion or website

    italian restaurant new table tops

    Ideal  Venues

    • Fast Casual

    • Family Style

    • Cafe / Bistro / Pub

    • Entertainment 

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